Introduction to Color Masterbatch Products


This masterbatch is mainly made of highquality pigments, mixed with carrier resins, dispersants, and special hosts. After pretreatment and coating, it is fully mixed and extruded into granules by a highperformance twin screw extruder; It has the advantages of good dispersibility, high color brightness, good processing performance, and no emission of harmful gases in the matrix resin, overcoming various drawbacks of traditional color masterbatch, such as odor, temperature resistance, and inability to continuously produce. It can be widely used for extrusion, film blowing, bottle blowing, etc. of plastics such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Pigment content: not less than 30%. Residue on ignition: not more than 50%. Environmental protection: compliant with ROHS. Carrier resin: LDPEQ281+LLDPE LQ6201